Personal guarantee

I have started my career at corporate lending in Budapest. I was responsible for financing foreign owned medium-sized and multinational companies, together with syndicated lending. Beside this international work I took active part in several general bank related projects as project leader. Thanks to my complex and interesting job, the daily work never seemed to be the same for me, I extremely enjoyed my motivating workplace. Having spent 8 years in banking, I was searching for new motivation and therefore I left the bank office and founded Profit Help Kft. in 2012 in order to offer my services to my customers at an even more professional level.

As I spent a longer time abroad, I am absolutely familiar with the international business environment. Spanish is my second native language and I speak English perfectly. During my job I use often German and I speak French as well. I truly believe that knowing the actual country and adopting its business behaviour are at least as important factors as the knowledge of the foreign language itself.

During the past years my customers asked me to cover new tasks. Should it be project management, logistic crisis management or HSE, my only goal is to serve the customer demands at the highest level. Since I founded the company, I obtained the relevant HSE, technical-manufacturing knowledge that is essential in order to be able to fulfil my business contracts in a fast and precise way. One of my biggest advantages is the flexibility: I elaborate together with my customer the conditions of the contract. You will have maximum availability without extra costs.

By contracting Profit Help Kft. You and/or Your company is going to obtain a five-star service at a charge of a moderate fee. For detailed information about the activities themselves please go to ‘Services’! I hope to welcome you among my satisfied customers soon. Waiting for your call trustfully,

Mrs. Tünde Hoffmann