I can provide excellent references for English and Spanish interpreting. Topics to be undertaken: general topics, economy and finance, engineering, legal or sport related themes.

The different types of interpreting are the following:

  • liaison: an individual or a group of persons is being accompanied by supporting interpreting, usually on half or whole-day long events (appointments for journeys outside Hungary have to be scheduled at least 1 week before departure)
  • simultaneous: as the original script goes on, the interpreting is done simultaneously, word by word, without stopping
  • consecutive: the translation is done by smaller units consisting of some sentences

The interpreting net fees as per every begun hour are as follows, valid since 01-2019:
in respect of Hungarian-English: 7,000 forint / 23 EUR
in respect of Hungarian-Spanish: 9,000 forint / 30 EUR
in respect of English-Spanish: 11,000 forint / 37 EUR

The above detailed fees are valid for consecutive interpreting. +25% applies for simultaneous interpreting +25% and in case You may need liaison interpreting I suggest You to ask for a single offer from me as due to the kind of the need I would offer you a more favourable fee by applying daily fee as You would pay by the hour.
The service fee includes the time consumed by possible travelling at a 50% discount to the service fee.
If You require simultaneous interpreting please note that You should send me the material in text form within 3 days before the event takes place. The maximum accepted time duration for simultaneous interpreting is 60 minutes.

In case of special needs please feel free to ask for a special offer for translations as well.


  • “We have co-operated with Profit Help Kft. many times for interpreting and translation projects. The work has always been delivered perfectly by Profit Help Kft.” /05-01-2013/

Lívia Gecse, man. dir., Eurlex Fordítóiroda /

  • “Now as we are finishing the project of Audi in Győr, I would like to thank you your co-operation with us during these months. This period has resulted in a very intense and tough job, and you have perfectly integrated yourself to Fagor-Onapres as one of us. The dedicated, perseverant and rigorous job that you have presented has been appreciated positively not only by myself but by the rest of the colleagues of Fagor-Onapres that have taken part in the project as well. Therefore thank you, and I hope that we are going to be able to work together in future projects at Audi or anywhere else in Hungary.” /11-10-2013/

Josu Txintxurreta, automotive division, Fagor Arrasate S. Coop. /