By hiring Profit Help Kft. You are never going to have any more delayed deadline, misinterpretation, wrong spelling! As a supplementary service to the banking advise You have the possibility to ask for translations under the following parameters.

Languages to be undertaken: English and Spanish.
Text types to be covered: general items, economy and finance, engineering, legal or sport related texts.
Fees to be charged (net) by words (calculated at the target language) by assuming a daily limit of 800 words (valid since 06-2016):
from Hungarian to foreign language: 12 forint / 0.04 EUR
from foreign language to Hungarian: 10 forint / 0.03 EUR
in between foreign languages: 18 forint / 0.06 EUR

The requested deadline is always approved by myself in an e-mail!
The documents are easy to reproduce with the help of regular archives.
I always contact You by phone for further details in case your request exceeds the daily limit’s deadline.
For the first 3 orders settlement and invoicing is done by single orders, after that it can be arranged monthly if requested.